Monoclonal Antibodies


Since the inauguration of its production and manufacturing facility in 2014, Firalis propose a comprehensive and global offer covering all the stages from the antigen definition, up to the production and purification of antibodies.

Firalis is also surrounded by several key partners for activities related to antibodies development such as engineering (binding optimization, chimerization, humanization, fragments) and in-vivo studies.

We control every step of production and optimization processes for monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins such as:

- Design, optimization and preparation of antigen,

- Immunizations, fusions, screening, selection and production of hybridomas,

- Production of antibodies from hybridoma and/or mammalian cells (CHO or HEK293 cells transfected, steady or transiently state) using shake flask, Cell lines, roller bottles

- Purification by FPLC (Akta Purifier) using A, G, L protein affinity columns, preparative size exclusion chromatography and desalting columns in endotoxin free conditions,

- Characterization and in-vitro validation: Western Blot, capillary electrophoresis in reduced or unreduced conditions, ELISA simplex or multiplex, flow cytometry, FPLC / HPLC gel filtration, endotoxin detection, and bioassays (differentiation, PBMC activation…),

Our services offer you our deep experience dedicated to core-antibody modifications by molecular biology and/or chemical modifiation:

- Development and validation of immunoassays and bioassays, (please visit our Assay Development page for further information

- Molecular biology and antibodies coupling (biotin, enzymes, fluorophores, toxic molecules …)

An entire project for monoclonal antibody development, production, and purification requires approximately 6 months to complete.

Key reasons to work with Firalis:

  • To be assured of the quality and relevance of the service and products provided
  • To have a single point of contact, dedicated and specialized listening to customer needs and providing it with effective communication
  • To arrange customized solutions and appropriate strategies for each project
  • To be assured of responsiveness and compliance with defined deadlines
  • To have the entire intellectual property of antibodies, hybridomas, immunoassays or other products or processes developed

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