Proteomics – Soluble Biomarkers

Immunoassays for circulating and soluble markers measurement


Firalis Biomarker Testing Laboratory provides the required solutions to biomarker discovery, drug development, and IVD/CE marked product development projects from preclinical and translational medicine studies, and from phase I to III clinical trials. Firalis offers a comprehensive range of GCLP compliant services suitable for protein biomarker quantification on the platforms listed below.

Our internal department is operating under strict quality assurance procedures. The laboratory is in a restricted-access area which is pressure and temperature controlled. Records and standardized procedures ensure full data traceability.

Accredited by ISO 17025 and compliant with GCLP guidelines (gold standard for sample analytical measurement), Firalis Biomarker Testing activity comprises the required assets to get each of your project to an upper step.

Firalis Testing Laboratory provides high quality services in terms of results, traceability of samples, and project management. The laboratory is equipped with a GLP-compliant laboratory information management system (LIMS). Samples are stored in a dedicated biobank with an industrial-grade back-up power system and with 24/7 temperature control (please see Biobanking section).

Bio-analytical platforms at Firalis

Olink technology

Multiplex Testing:

Testing department's unique platforms contain the cutting-edge technologies in order to provide you with the most accurate results.

  • Biomark™ HD system with Olink technology: More than 1000 human analytes available
    • Rapid high-throughput targeted protein biomarker discovery
    • Analysis of 92 proteins across 90 samples simultaneously
    • One microliter of serum, plasma, or almost any other type of biological sample
    • 12 Disease-focused and exploratory available for Cardiovascular, Neurology, Oncology, Inflammatory, Metabolism, Immune response, Cell Regulation, etc...
  •  Luminex BioPlex 200 : more than 560 human analytes available
    • Large choice of target and multiplex
    • From 1 to 40+ analytes measurable at once (96-well plate format)
    • Numerous therapy areas-based panels such as inflammatory; cardiovascular; neurology etc…
    • Frequently used for cytokines and pro-inflammatory markers screening and profiling


  • MesoScale Discovery Sector Imager 6000 : more than 240 human analytes available
    • Very robust and reproducible results (low CV%)
    • From 1 to 10 analytes measurable at once
    • Only 25µL needed per well (96-well plate format)
    • Frequently used for limited biomarker panels


  •  Protein Simple ELLA : more than 120 human analytes available
    • Very robust and reproducible results (CV% lower than 10%)
    • No-cross reactivity and fully automated (cartridge and restricted reactive channels technology)
    • 1 to 4 analytes to multiplex “à la carte” the markers of your choice
    • Highly recommended for specific panels of biomarker signature


  • Singulex Erenna : more than 30 human analytes available
    • Ultra-sensitive immunoassay (SMC technology) to reach fm/ml levels
    • Simple analyte measurement
    • Possibility for immunoassay development of the marker of your choice
    • Recommended for low-abundant soluble marker


  • Siemens Dimension : more than 100 human analytes available
    • IVD reagents and technology
    • Large choice of biochemistry and hematology markers measurement
    • Fully automated device
    • Frequently used for cardio-vascular markers


  • Enspire ELISA multimode plate reader: any marker available of your interest
    • Frequently used for any analyte available on kits for colorimetric and/or UV signal detection


Firalis offers a wide range of assays to be tested on this integrated platforms, including biomarkers analysis usually performed in clinical routine. The assays we propose are validated to fit the performance criteria required in your research or clinical project.

Our partnerships with the pharma industry have resulted in a high standard of quality and reliability regarding data delivered. Clients are invited to choose from our assay menu and to use validation data available ad hoc or from a customized procedure.

Contact directly our experts at the following email:

We will be pleased to provide you a customized proposition and a tailored strategy regarding your projects and/or your list of biomarkers of interest.

Please provide us:

  • Number of samples to be measured and sample species if not human
  • Nature of blood-derived matrices or of the sample
  • Biomarkers of interests to be measured