Firalis Group

Upon creation in 2008, Firalis accelerated its business through realization of collaborative research projects, in particular by EU-funded programs. On a simultaneous basis, a solid international network was established by exclusivity agreements with academia and collaborations with various clinical centers and biobanks of interest.

Firalis also extended its service offerings in the quality domain (for details, see Quality at Firalis) and product developments with the ultimate aim to commercialize first-in-market IVD tools.

Starting from late 2012, Firalis began to investigate possible technology transfers and intellectual property in-licensing, in order to speed up its commercial development. Accordingly, a first project has been realized by the overall acquisition of Tc Land Expression S.A. in July 2013, concurrently with fundraising (for details, see Firalis Investors) from a consortium, including Auriga Partners.

By early 2014, Firalis acquired assets of a biotech company with important IP in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. Amoneta Diagnostics S.A.S. is thus founded, together with a small participation of SODIV-Alsace. Thanks to its unique IP portfolio, in particular, and with Firalis touch once again, Amoneta Diagnostics received first, a EuroTransBio grant for a pre-clinical study (ADKIT) that is developing a multiplex biomarker test. Then in April 2015, with an excellent evaluation report, Amoneta succeeded to raise 5 Million € of direct research support from the European Community Program “Horizon 2020”, for its clinical study ADDIA, which shall qualify in clinics, the outcome of ADKIT program.

Today, Firalis Group thus constitutes of four companies and will continue to have an eye on further M&A opportunities, mainly in order to internalize technologies of interest or other know-how, for a faster commercialization of innovative, high value-added diagnostic tools.