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    Dr. Joerg STAEHELI

    Business Advisor

    Dr. Joerg Staeheli is a retired Novartis manager who was head of the internal consultancy unit Technology Planning & Transfer at the pre-merger company Sandoz AG.

    In his post-merger assignment he was in charge of Corporate Knowledge Networking at Novartis AG and concurrently, the Secretary of the Novartis Technology Advisory Board and the Novartis Liaison Officer for the Industrial Liaison Program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Joerg Staeheli then became departmental Head External Affairs at Biomarker Development, comprising tasks of alliance management, technology planning and technology screening and assessment. Since his retirement, he has assumed mandates as business consultant in the biotech domain. His background is in chemistry and management sciences. He is also an alumnus of the INSEAD Advance Management Program (AMP).