Product Development Partners

As discovery precedes development, partners with related know-how and expertise prove their importance. Thus, Firalis has proactively established strong contractual collaborations for product development with many acknowledged partners as below:

  • IGBMC (Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology) aims to develop interdisciplinary research. The domains of investigation carried out by the Institute range from developmental biology to integrative structural biology, via functional genomics, cancer, translational medicine and neurogenetics.
  • JUBILANT BIOSYS is one of the IT giants worldwide, with a proven expertise in the creation of databases for specific needs. Besides creation; Jubilant has leading know-how on design, customization and management of complex databases, which is a “must” for the research and discovery of new, innovative biomarkers.
  • UROLEAD is a network of excellence focusing on the set-up of models predictive of the efficacy of new drug candidates in urogenital cancers as well as on the development of a personalized medicine approach intended to more quickly indentify responder and non responders to various pharmacologic interventions in these conditions. These models are based on xenograft of primary tumors.
  • UNIVERSITE PIERRE ET MARIE CURIE (UPMC), a clinical team led by Pr. Cacoub within the Institute for Immunology, Immunopathology and Immunotherapy headed by Pr. Klatzmann for the development of biomarkers intended to diagnose rare immunologic disorders. This group has authored numerous publications in the most prestigious journal of medicine (J. Immuno; NEJM).