• Proteomics

    Immunoassays to measure circulating and soluble markers

  • Genomics

    From Next-Generation Sequencing to qRT-PCR, complete solutions for genomic and transcriptomic discovery & profiling

  • Assay Development

    Custom assays meeting specific requirements


    See our extensive range of biomarker discovery and validation services

  • Biopred

    mRNA based targeted gene sequencing panel to better understand inflammatory-autoimmune disorders

  • Fimics

    Long non-coding RNA panel to better characterize patients with cardiac disorders and toxicities

  • Elisa Kits

    Colorimetric sandwich ELISA kits developed and validated for biomarker measurement in blood-derived matrices samples


    All our IVD and RUO products

a reliable partner at the heart of Europe

since its foundation in 2008, Firalis Group has been awarded for and contributed in about a 

hundred high-ranked research projects in biomarkers, playing a leading role towards the setting of

industry gold standards for the discovery, development and qualification of novel clinical biomarkers 

Why Firalis ?

Firalis provides a comprehensive range of biomarker services from research to clinical qualification. Stratification at scientific and technical levels support biomarker discovery, validation, evaluation and qualification. Using our strong expertise and cutting-edge laboratory equipment, we develop and deliver customized solutions for biomarker assays according to your project needs.

Who we are?

Firalis is involved in several large scale projects for qualification of biomarkers in various clinical applications and led the efforts to improve industry standards, as the initiator of the SAFE-T consortium, largest ever biomarker research project co-funded by EU-IMI and Pharma.Today, Firalis validates and develops biomarker panels, following strictly the EMA and FDA directions.

What we do?

Firalis develops bioanalytical tools in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our kits are designed and processed in a GMP compliant production facility "ISO 13485", being the international norm for medical device manufacture and our services are executed in laboratories certified "ISO 17025", which is the most important quality standard

for calibration and testing.