Personalized Medicine

Coxibs are potent anti-inflammatory used to treat many diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain. They are also being studied for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Although very effective, they may in some patients cause serious cardiovascular side effects which are a real obstacle to the use of these drugs.

The Co-SAVE project aims to develop a test to identify patients who will develop cardiovascular side-effects caused by treatment with coxibs: "Companion biomarkers for cardiovascular side effects of coxibs." This test will use a safer and a better prescription of this drug class, and their potential development in cancer treatment.

The development of this test is done in collaboration with several academic partners. The final product will be based on a series of biomarkers that will be measured in the blood and the level of which will predict the onset of cardiovascular toxicity during treatment with coxibs.

The first stage of this project will be the selection of these markers and the development of tests to measure them. To test the predictive power of these markers for cardiovascular damage induced by coxibs, the candidate biomarkers will then be quantified in samples of patients treated with coxibs and with side effects. This project should lead to the establishment of a multimarker diagnostic test together with a web based tool to predict the cardiovascular risks in patients upon coxib treatments.