In order to achieve advances for unmet medical needs, innovation is the highest priority at Firalis. We know that our financial success will be in parallel with the contribution that we bring to drug development, first by our innovative products, then the inspiring research support via customized services. On the rapidly growing market of biomarkers, the innovative know-how of Firalis facilitates maximizing the company profits.


Firalis has been founded by seven associates in July 2008. Founders were managers at big pharma, pioneer biomarker experts, clinicians and leading academicians.

The creation of the company preceded the SAFE-T project, the first IMI-JU research project initiated by Firalis, which was eventually funded by the European Community (EC) with a budget of EUR 3.3 Mio for Firalis (for more please refer to our Media page). Meanwhile, Firalis is in charge of several additional R&D projects funded by the EC and French national institutions.

In 2010, same time with its 2nd anniversary, Firalis succeeded to attract a consortium of investors who injected the company 450 K EUR of seed money; which has been followed, inJuly 2013, a second round of sucessful fundraising that allowed the company to rise > 1.5 Mio € of additional funds.

Investment Opportunity

With its innovative development pipeline for novel diagnostic tools and its leading edge technologies; today, Firalis is the European leader and among the leader SMEs worldwide in its specific field of biomarker business, offering promising opportunities for new investors.