Firalis is a biotechnology company, creating novel values via biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification that ultimately lead to biomarker-based diagnostics.

With a comprehensive expertise in the field, Firalis develops biomarkers and biomarker-based diagnostic kits to improve disease outcomes and patient comfort, increase therapeutic decisions and finally to reduce healthcare costs remarkably, being the principle goals of biomarker services offered by Firalis.


Huningue, La Passerelle des Trois Pays (Bridge of Three Countries)

The activities of Firalis mainly, but not exclusively, involve biomarkers that are related to inflammatory disorders including common diseases such as atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or rare/orphan diseases such as systemic or autoimmune vasculitis. A major part of our activities cover drug-induced organ injuries in particular kidney, liver and vasculature, as major drug targets.

Firalis owes its leading position to a unique network of clinical centers of excellence that it established to conduct studies of biomarker qualification in clinics.

At Firalis, we exclusively invest on projects with highest potential of success for biomarker-based diagnostics that will allow us to launch its first high-value diagnostic kits within short terms. The company is located in Huningue, a vibrant Alsatian town in the heart of BioValley at the triple border of France, Germany and Switzerland, next to Basel, the pharmaceutical capital of Europe.