Firalis S.A. is actively recruiting dynamic profiles with a solid background in biology, IVD development, cardiovascular medicine and protein biochemistry; at all levels.

Continuous Development for Company and the Employee

At Firalis, you will have a place in an ever-developing company and an innovative ambiance with fully equipped research facilities. Here, you shall have the opportunity to work within outstanding research projects, via several collaborative projects; mostly european and national as well. At Firalis, beyond the simple utilization of your existing skills, you will have your chances to improve them and develop new capabilities as well.

If you are interested in this specific field with a strong ambition to work at Firalis in our present and future projects (not limited to the posts announced here-below), please e-mail us your CV with a brief cover letter and we'll do our best in order to return you within our shortest possible.

Your New Job at Firalis S.A.  September 2019