Amoneta closes 2019 with a total fundraising of € 2,2 million ABA* joins the Amoneta investors on Dec 27th, 2019








January 11th, 2020

Amoneta Diagnostics S.A.S., an affiliate of Firalis Group, announces a new funding from Alsace Business Angels (ABA Invest 4), who joins Amoneta’s historical investors, SODIV and ADDF, on Dec 27th, 2019.

Amoneta Diagnostics develops for commercial launch, several non-invasive biomarker-based blood tests and other tools for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and in particularly, the early diagnosis of the Alzheimer’s Disease.

Amoneta realizes several large clinical studies to validate its blood biomarkers in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and other non-Alzheimer dementia.

“We have the satisfaction of helping innovative companies with dedicated high-level experts who develop with passions new biomarkers for Alzheimer Disease. It’s a great action on a human level. We do also participate concretely in the local economic development”, said Mr Pierre-Marie KOLB from ABA Invest.

About Amoneta

Amoneta Diagnostics, created in 2014 researches, develops and qualifies innovative biomarkers for the development of diagnostic tests in the field of neurological diseases with special focus on Alzheimer’s disease, affecting over 45 Mio people worldwide.

The purpose of the company is to translate new discoveries on biomarkers into non-invasive in-vitro diagnostic products and to promote their use in clinical practice.


Mr. Pierre-Marie KOLB (left)

Prof. Hüseyin FIRAT (right)



“by investing in Amoneta, ABA is now contributing in the advancing of biomedical research. I am convinced that we are going forward to successful key future milestones” said Prof. Hüseyin FIRAT, CEO-CSO of Firalis S.A.

About ABA Invest

Alsatian Business Angels is a group of smart investors who are investing part of their personal wealth in companies with highest development potentials, to which they also provide management advice through a vast range of skills and experience of their unique network

About Firalis

Firalis S.A. is a biotechnology company developing diagnostic products through discovery, development and regulatory qualification of biomarkers for precision medicine, improving prognosis of disease outcome and therapeutic decisions. Firalis develops and markets several RUO (research-use-only) and IVD (In-vitro diagnostic) kits, within the fields of cardiovascular diseases (heart failure), neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer), inflammatory and autoimmune disease and cancer through a complete, state-of-art technical platform, an established team of experts with 25% of all its staff constituted of PhDs, and a very high quality environment (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025 and NF S 96-900).

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