3rd place of the shield for the Western Europe team in Gaelic Football Championship

The Western Europe team won 3rd place of the shield at the 2019 Gaelic World Football Championship held on 29 July - 1st August in Ireland.

Firalis is proud to have been the official sponsor of the Western Europe team in Gaelic football at the GAA World Games (GAA World Championships). Thanks to Matthieu Coq our statistician, to present us the sponsoring project.

Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland. If the game looks like a mixture of rugby and football, it is less violent than the latter, since tackling and tackling are prohibited. The rules are simple and give more freedom to the attacking team.

The players sent to the GAA World Games :
Thomas Combarnous (Tolosa Gaels)
Jack Hatchman (Zurich Inneoin)
Yann Planton (Paris Gaels GAA)
Nicolas Omnes (Rennes Gaa)
Hugo Marquis (Paris Gaels GAA)
Edouard Lamolle (Paris Gaels GAA)
Maël Dancette (Paris Gaels GAA et Football gaélique Strasbourg)
Lucas Reyes (Paris Gaels GAA)
Matthieu Coq (Basel GAA)
Michael Walkowiak (Paris Gaels GAA)
Adrian Patton (Munich Colmcilles GAA)
Emmanuel Claebots (Lille GAA)
Tom Dutheil (Paris Gaels GAA)
And the coach
Jeremy Simon (Gaelic Football Bro Sant Brieg)

Western Europe Team

GAA World Games 

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