FIRALIS : The Korean & Japanese market

FIRALIS, a high-tech company specialized in precision medicine and biotechnology.

For more than 10 years, this biotech has been developing and commercializing diagnostic products that improve the management of disease in patients and therapeutic decisions, through the discovery and development of biomarkers , with a direct impact for better results incluiding comfort in patients and a reduction in health costs.

FIRALIS, located in the heart of Alsatian BioValley, has a unique network of clinical centers of excellence and technological partners at national, European and international level. This allows it to secure its leading position in biotechnology.

To continue its development, the company wanted to explore new markets in Asia and has appealed to CCI International Grand Est. In connection with CCI France Korea and Japan, FIRALIS participated in two prospecting missions in South Korea and Japan in 2017 and 2018.

This prospection will result in several collaborations, including a co-development agreement and distribution of Firalis IVD products with Quantamatrix in South Korea, but also with Celemics for the development of FIMICS, an innovative personalized medicine product for heart trouble. These programs ensure a turnover of more than € 2 million over the next two years, a great success for the company, which is now seeing its market opening up to Asia.

A collaboration with the company Astellas was signed this year and begins the beginning of a good collaboration with the Japanese pharmaceutical leader.

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The Firalis team in front of the analysis facility -2019

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