New matrices validated on the BIOPRED panel

New matrices validated on the BIOPRED panel

Whole Blood EDTA & PBMC cells
Now Available!

After the launch of our Biopred panel this year, Firalis is proud to announce the validation of new matrices during this Summer. 

Recently, Firalis Group has developed a mRNA targeted gene sequencing panel, allowing to quantify 2155 mRNAs in whole blood from PAXgene RNA tubes. This tool is intended for the investigation and identification of biomarker candidates for the support of personalized therapy and drug development research in the area of inflammatory-autoimmune disorders.  The quantification of mRNAs is performed using the unique targeted sequencing technology that works without RNA extraction from any matrices and now validated for whole blood EDTA and PBMCs.

Reproducibility Mean R > 0.99 and 1340 over 40 CPM on WB EDTA

« Firalis provide all the platforms and skills needed to analyse the Biopred panel under the best quality environment: samples reception, storage in our Biobank, traceability of handling an carrying out the entire process on site in a certified facility. We control the entire value chain to offer you first-class results on your patient cohort or mactrices. Our team of bioinformaticians and statisticians will be happy to analyze your results in order to give the best interpretations for your study ». said Eric Schordan, Head of Molecular Diagnostics at Firalis.  

The distribution of PBMCs is very homogeneous at the panel level and their detection level is close to Paxgene data.

The use of PBMC cells is perfectly compatible with the panel and this without extraction. The different samples tested showed very good results and we ensure that this type of sample works very well with the technology and the BIOPRED panel.

Matrices available!

Matrix Minimum sample requirement
Paxgene 500 µL
FFPE tissue 1 slide 5µm
Whole blood (EDTA) 500 µL
Extracted RNA > 20 ng
PBMCs/Cell line from 5000 cells
Serum (study on-going)


Certification Propel Illumina on Next -Generation Sequencing platform

Certification HTG - European reference lab and qualified service provider

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