Firalis is now officially certified by OLINK as a service provider!

Firalis, designated as “Certified by Olink”, has successfully completed the Proseek® Multiplex Analysis Certification process, with hands-on instructions and an evaluation by the Olink Analysis Service team.

Explore with us the new Olink technology: the high-throughput Proseek® Multiplex immunoassays. Firalis can support you in providing new insights into protein biomarker discovery, with attention to disease early-stage diagnosis or involvement in disease processes.

What’s new with Olink high-throughput Proseek® Multiplex assays?

  • Incredibly low sample volumes required
  • Increased readout specificity
  • Extremely high throughput analysis

To find out how this unique technology works, please click here!


New biomarkers and panels available!

Now a total amount of 981 different biomarker assays is available within 12 panels (92-plex) focused on a specific area of disease or key biology process. Pick up yours!

New biomarkers and panels

To explore all possibilities to be offered to you, please contact us at

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