The “Magazine de la chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de la region Alsace”, a prestigious Alsatian industry journal, has reported on FIRALIS, an innovative life sciences company, located in Huningue (France), close to the border of Switzerland and Germany. The company is actively involved in the field of drug safety, of cardiovascular, inflammatory, neuro-degenerative, and autoimmune diseases.

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The Firalis group provides bio-analytical services and biomarker-based products to the pharmaceutical industry, to biotechnology companies, and to universities. It owes its leading position, particularly in diagnosing heart failure and neurodegenerative diseases, to a unique network of clinical centers of excellence, established to conduct studies for biomarker qualifications in clinics.

For its innovative approaches Firalis has been awarded several national and inter-national prizes, such as “The Enterprise of the Future” awarded by Ernst & Young.

Firalis offers solutions for customer’s projects in an ISO 17025 accredited high quality environment including:

  • Proteomics (measurement of circulating biomarkers)
  • Genomics (miRNA profiling, mRNA, and lncRNA NGS sequencing)
  • Study of immunological profiles by flow cytometry
  • Metabolomics and lipidomics (LC-HRMS)
  • Development and production of monoclonal antibodies
  • Development and validation of tests on different platforms
  • Biobanking / storage sample service (traceable by LIMS)

To obtain further information on Firalis Biomarker Services and its capabilities to aid customer projects, please contact

Firalis SAS
35 Rue du Fort
F-68330 Huningue
Phone +33 389 911 320-8

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