Part of the call for projects "University-Hospital Research" (RHU) of Investments for the Future (Investissements d'Avenir), "FIGHT-HF", an innovative collaborative and multidisciplinary project aiming to combat heart failure, will be funded with € 9 million for 5 years. Based on criteria of scientific quality and innovation for Biomarker R&D, FIRALIS SAS has been selected to be a partner of choice for the « FIGHT-HF » project.


Heart failure, more and more frequent in European society, is a major public health issue remaining with a poor prognosis, despite advances in treatment over the last two decades.
The FIGHT-HF project aims to fight heart failure, a disease which is not yet diagnosed early enough. In order to rethink care by a global or holistic approach of the pathology, this research project will deeply revisit the etiology of the disease, establish profiling of patients as well as an internationally recognized classification of patients.
« FIGHT-HF » will facilitate personalized medicine or "Precision Medicine» for patients with heart failure by the use of biomarkers that describe the profile of each patient and it will enable to determine the most effective treatment with a minimum of side effects. Using all data generated by research, the project also allows the study of new therapeutic strategies (including a new comprehensive approach to patients in their living environment by applying telemedicine tools). It is expected that this approach will lead to new hypotheses aiming to save lives.

FIRALIS SAS plays a key role in the project with full responsibility in the discovery and qualification of biomarkers, perfectly matching with its core expertise and its main business perspectives, backed by years of experience and by solid intellectual property in the cardiovascular field.

Coordinated by Professor Patrick Rossignol's Center of Clinical Investigation Unit at the University Hospital of Nancy, University of Lorraine, and INSERM, "FIGHT-HF" is a multidisciplinary consortium of doctors, teachers, researchers, biologists, computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, engineers, and sociologists.

The 9 partners of the FIGHT-HF project are:

  1. FHU CARTAGE CONSORTIUM (coordinated by A. Benetos)
  4. CardioRenal diagnosticS
  6. IHU Bordeaux LYRIC
  7. Centre National de Genotypage (CNG)
  8. INSERM – F-CRIN PARTNERS (French Clinical Research network)
  9. INSERM - INI-CRCT network of excellence: Cardiovascular and Renal Clinical Trialists

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FIRALIS SAS is a privately owned life sciences company, creating novel values via biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualifications; to establish an internal portfolio of biomarker-based diagnostic methods and to provide customized biomarker solutions. Firalis is active in the field of drug safety, cardiovascular, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The company has been awarded with several national and international prizes for its innovative approaches.
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