Firalis Closes Successful 2nd Round Fundraising!


Firalis SAS, a biomarker service provider and product developer, based in Huningue (France) announced the successful completion of its second round of fundraising amounting to 1.53 million Euros in total.


Following the approval of emission by the general assembly, 201 907 new company shares have been subscribed by “Auriga Partners”, “Financière de l’Intendance” and “Neptissimo” as new investors; also by Alsace Creation as an historical partner of Firalis since its creation. The issue of these shares has allowed the company to rise 1.53 million Euros.

This second fundraising is in line with Firalis’ promising 2012 results. The funds raised will be used by the company for the completion of the strategic objectives, as defined in the company’s corporate business plan. Essentially, Firalis is already on its way to establish a manufacturing platform for “in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices” and to build a robust product pipeline through internal R&D and external growth operations.

The founder and president of the company, Hüseyin Firat remains the owner of a majority of shares; who commented the fundraising with the foolw'ng words: “This independence is the guarantee for a careful management of our resources and of the values that are ours. While accelerating its development, Firalis will strengthen cooperation with its stakeholders and with the help of its collaborators, keeps its commitment of translating academic research to clinical practice.”

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