Firalis Testing Laboratory is Accredited ISO 17025


Firalis Testing Laboratory is Accredited ISO 17025

Firalis SAS, a service provider company in Biomarker R&D, is pleased to announce the accreditation of its testing laboratory by the French Accreditation Committee COFRAC1. The laboratory is dedicated to the measurement of biomarkers in human and preclinical samples by various technologies.

The testing laboratory has been accredited by the COFRAC according to the NF EN ISO / CEI 17025 standards, covering an array of assays that are used for biomarker measurements. With this accreditation, Firalis has now become one of the very few CROs in Europe with anISO 17025 flexible expanded scope (Portée B); which gives the laboratory the ability to implement new methods under accreditation without a prior audit by the COFRAC; thus allowing Firalis to provide services of exceptional quality, while reducing implementation time and costs.

This accreditation reflects the competence of Firalis in running assay validation and testing of samples. Furthermore, the quality management system of the laboratory meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, as declared by IAF2, ILAC3 and ISO4 via a joint declaration. Overall, customers rely on a laboratory audited by a third party for their bio-analytical needs.

Prof. Hüseyin FIRAT, CEO of Firalis SAS, commented the accreditation as a major milestone for the company and an expected outcome of a long-established commitment to quality standards. “We have to raise the bar continuously, in order to provide always a better quality biomarker services and to fulfill the regulatory expectations of both customers and health authorities.” he added.

The full scope of the accreditation is available on COFRAC’s website: For further details, please click here to view the accreditation certificate in both English and French.

Important note: The above-mentioned accreditation does not apply to the Firalis products or company production process.


Firalis SAS is a privately owned life sciences company, creating novel values via biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualifications; to establish an internal portfolio of biomarker-based diagnostic methods and to provide customized biomarker solutions. Firalis is active in the field of drug safety, cardiovascular, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The company has been awarded with several national and international prizes for its innovative approaches.

Firalis SAS, 35 Rue du Fort, 68330 Huningue - FRANCE


1:COFRAC Comité Français d’Accréditation (French Accreditation Committee)
2:IAF  International Accreditation Forum
3:ILAC   International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
4:ISO International Organization for Standardization

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