ONE BIG STEP: Firalis raises 450 K € of seed fund!

After getting several R&D prizes, many national and international subventions, several EU funding "including the biggest project* of IMI-JU", we have now acquired a seed fund of 450 K EUR, by the same time of our second anniversary only.

"This financing, which was initially set up as a major milestone for Firalis,means not only a financial strength but also a recognition for the work we have achieved. This fund will enable Firalis to pursue its strategic plan in developing proprietary diagnostic kits to predict cardiovascular risks" said Prof. Hüseyin Firat, CEO of Firalis SAS.

The seed fund is acquired from an investing consortium of three groups; including "Cardinale Développement", a group of private investors, "Alsace Amorçage" and "SODIV Alsace", two prestigious investment funds dedicated to the economic development of Alsace region.

* SAFE-T Project, initiated by Firalis SAS, is currently the biggest of 15 R&D projects financed by IMI-JU, in terms of partnerships and budget.

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You can find further information on SAFE-T project on our media page.

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